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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's happening again...

They're trading places in the park again. Do not be alarmed - this occurs at least once a year in Lakeview Park - so-and-so moves out, so so-and-so decides to move in, so so-and-so sees an empty trailer and moves in as fast as the last so-and-so moved out. (trying to protect people's identities can be so tricky. I think I did a so-so job).

To give you a little history on this amusing game, here's a run down of the last 4 years in the park...

Resident of lot #1 got married and moved to lot#10, Sweet-little-old-lady moved into lot #1.
Family in lot#8 moved to Landlord's House, residents of lot #11 moved to lot #8, leaving grown daughter her own place at lot #11.
Residents of lot #8's grown son moved back into the country, sister in lot#11 gave them lot#11 and moved into lot#8.
Residents in Lot#9 finally gave up trying to live together and moved out of the park. (separately, and with police surveillance) Residents of lot#10 jumped at the opportunity to upgrade and moved to lot#9.
Sweet-little-old-lady moved away. Bachelor moved into lot#1.
Lot #10 became occupied again with The Newlyweds.
Another Bachelor moved into lot#1.
Residents of lot#5 left the park. Bachelors in lot#1 jump at the opportunity to upgrade.

And that brings us to today. The Bachelors are moving. We wish them well. Meanwhile, if you hear the music, grab your pillow and toothbrush and run to the nearest vacant trailer so you don't get left out!

4 opinions on this story:

Jake said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! And so true!

Elise said...

lol! Wow! This story really makes me want to grab that toothbrush. ;)

Traci said...

Wow. When you see it all down on paper like that it's.. well... I don't even know what to say besides wow. lol.

Abbey said...

Haha!! I kinda hope I'm visiting when we hear the music!! Sounds like fun!! And best wishes to the Bachelors as they move into their new trailer!!!

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