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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's happening again...

They're trading places in the park again. Do not be alarmed - this occurs at least once a year in Lakeview Park - so-and-so moves out, so so-and-so decides to move in, so so-and-so sees an empty trailer and moves in as fast as the last so-and-so moved out. (trying to protect people's identities can be so tricky. I think I did a so-so job).

To give you a little history on this amusing game, here's a run down of the last 4 years in the park...

Resident of lot #1 got married and moved to lot#10, Sweet-little-old-lady moved into lot #1.
Family in lot#8 moved to Landlord's House, residents of lot #11 moved to lot #8, leaving grown daughter her own place at lot #11.
Residents of lot #8's grown son moved back into the country, sister in lot#11 gave them lot#11 and moved into lot#8.
Residents in Lot#9 finally gave up trying to live together and moved out of the park. (separately, and with police surveillance) Residents of lot#10 jumped at the opportunity to upgrade and moved to lot#9.
Sweet-little-old-lady moved away. Bachelor moved into lot#1.
Lot #10 became occupied again with The Newlyweds.
Another Bachelor moved into lot#1.
Residents of lot#5 left the park. Bachelors in lot#1 jump at the opportunity to upgrade.

And that brings us to today. The Bachelors are moving. We wish them well. Meanwhile, if you hear the music, grab your pillow and toothbrush and run to the nearest vacant trailer so you don't get left out!


Trailer Park Shooting

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gunshots have been heard several times in the last week at odd hours

Trailerites should be cautious but not alarmed by the occasional report of a gunshot in the Trailer Park. It turns out the shots are coming from the Sniper in Lot #9 and are part of a campaign to rid the park of Unpleasant Rodents. The shot that was heard this morning at approx. 7:12 AM resulted in the swift and painless (for the sniper) death of a Ground Hog just North of the fire pit at Lot #9. The doomed Ground Hog had been convicted of excavating beneath the resident's shed and the Happy Homemaker feared her Romaine Lettuce crop was threatened. The Deceased Rodent is now on display for the eduction and entertainment of the locals in a bucket under the porch of Lot #9.

If you have a Rodent Problem, do not hesitate to alert the local authorities. Measures are being taken to keep Lakeview Trailer Park a Free and Friendly place - for everyone but the squirrels...


Wanted: Your favorite old t-shirt

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wanted: Old t-shirts and flannel sheets

I am looking for old t-shirts, worn out sheets (flannel or cotton), cotton batting scraps and any other stained or tired %100 cotton fabric you may have lying around, to be used in an a cloth diapering experiment at lot 9. Also, old wool or polyester polar fleece sweaters to be made into diaper covers. Give your favorite old t-shirt a new life in a better place. Help me 'go green' in Lakeview Trailer Park! Donations can be brought to Church or Holden Coal in Ovid. Thanks very much!

The Happy Homemaker in Lot 9


Discover Catharine Valley

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hidden away in the valley at the end of Seneca Lake, the Catherine Valley Trail is a secret too good to keep silent about.

On a recent family bike ride, this reporter was delighted to discover the beauty of Catharine Valley, just outside of Watkins Glen.
The trail begins off a quiet dead end in the little village of Millport, and continues into the town of Montour. New York State Parks describes it as follows,

"This year round recreation trail provides visitors the opportunity to experience the scenic beauty and historic charm of the glacially-carved valley south of Seneca Lake. Following abandoned railroad and canal towpath corridors, the trail passes through a variety of wildlife habitats. The compact stone-dust trail surface accommodates walking, bicycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Currently six miles of the trail is available for use. When construction is complete the trail will be twelve miles long and extending from the Village of Watkins Glen to Horseheads."

I found the trails to indeed be good quality for walking and biking, and I loved the woods and wildflowers along the way. Eventually the trail led us to Montour, a town full of history and charm.

Montour Falls has had four names during its lifetime. Initially, it was called Queanettquaga by the Indians, then Catharine’s Town by early visitors to the region, Havana when it was settled in 1788 by non-Native American settlers, and Montour Falls beginning in 1890. One of the main tourist attractions of Montour Falls is the 165-foot Chequagua Falls, which can be viewed from the foot of Main Street.

The Greek Revival Village Hall, with its lighted dome and round brick pillars, is the old Havana Court House from the time when Havana was the county seat of Schuyler County. The New York State Academy of Fire Science, built in 1859 as the "People’s College", trains the firemen of New York State.

Queen Catharine Montour, for whom Catharine’s Town and Montour Falls were named, was a descendant of Madame Montour. She was adopted by Frontenac, the French Governor of Canada and married an Oneida Chief. Her log palace at Catharine’s Town was burned during the Revolutionary War.

Montour Falls was an important hub in its early years. In addition to being the county seat, it was the head of navigation on the Seneca Lake Inlet when the Chemung Canal was built in 1827. The Chemung Canal connected Seneca Lake with the Chemung River and, ultimately, the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers.

Excerpt from Persons, Places and Things In the Finger Lakes Region by Emerson Klee

I was fascinated to read on the historic plaque by the Falls that
Louse Philippe I, future king of France, visited this spot when he was in the stated in the late 1700's and sketched the falls. His sketch is now in the Louvre.

The Falls were breathtaking, and I enjoyed the history surrounding us as we explored this lovely destination in our own backyard. I hope you, too, can visit this beautiful spot. For more information, visit New York State Parks :: Catharine Valley.

-the Backyard Tourist


Strays Causing Headaches

What is it with people feeling the need to feed all the strays that drop on their door step?

I mean seriously. From dogs to cats, there seems to be an abundance of loose animals wandering the trailer park. They obviously have no one to care for them and so certain individuals have taken to feeding them. It's starting to cause a problem; especially for the cat population. We currently have a family of cats living under our house. I don't like them there. Not only are they starting to make our trailer smell, they are more than likely ripping the insulation off the bottom of the trailer. And living in a trailer, insulation is kind of a necessity. It's really starting to irritate me. I even noticed that garbage got dragged out of the dumpster and then strewn all over the ground. I'm not for certain on this but I'm willing to bet either cats dragged it out or it fell out and the dog got into it. Between that and the cats under the trailer and the dog that barks and growls at me every time I walk past, I'm beginning to be very perturbed with the stray animals running around.


Update on Space Invasion Story

Friday, May 29, 2009

Never before seen photos!


Space Invasion

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some interesting news has just surfaced.

Mrs. Edgar Sute has now reported a suspected alien landing on the night of May 24th. She says she was just enjoying a nice peaceful evening when suddenly she heard some weird sounds coming from the neighbor's back lawn. She observed a bright light, possibly a fire, and many strange figures around it. Supposedly they had glowing ears, or rings around their necks and were tossing a glowing orb of light back and forth. They also were screaming/chanting something. Mrs. Edgar Sute was so petrified of these aliens that she locked herself inside her house for over 3 days and it is only just now that the story is coming out! If only we had known about it sooner! There's a chance that others of us could have gotten a glimpse of these aliens too!


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